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Treatment of personal information

Basic attitude to treatment of person information

In providing real estate information services at R-ESTATE TOKYO (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “Site”), the Site may acquire and keep personal information on each customer and client. The Site shall observe the laws and
regulations pertaining to personal information and carry out proper treatment of personal information and strive to
provide each customer and client with further reliability and security.

Acquisition of personal information

The Site properly acquires personal information without falsehoods or other illegal means.

Use of personal information

The Site uses personal information for the following purposes:

  • - Dealing with an inquiry, consultation, request for estimation to the Site, and other contacts from a customer
  • - Dealing in business with owners and real estate companies who have entrusted the introduction and management of properties on the Site
  • - Sending e-mails to the customers who have registered for the mail magazine of the Site
  • - Providing real estate information services for the Site

In all other cases, the Site will seek prior consent of the person(s) concerned.

Safety management of personal information

The Site shall take the necessary and proper precautions to prevent leakage, loss, or damage of personal information
handled by us and to secure the safe management of personal information.

Entrustment of personal information

The Site shall, in the event that the whole or part of the treatment of personal information is entrusted to a third party,
carry out strict investigation of the third party concerned, and carry out the necessary and proper supervision so that
the safety management of the entrusted personal information may be striven for by the said third party. Besides, the
treatment of personal information may be entrusted when the Site executes the work in cooperation with a third party
on consultation, application for privacy marks, and application work for ISMS.

Provision of personal information to a third party

The Site shall not provide personal information to a third party without the prior consent of the person concerned
unless otherwise stipulated by laws and regulations, such as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

Disclosure, correction, etc., of personal information

The Site will, in the event that a person requests disclosure of his/her own personal information, immediately do so.
However, in the event the identity cannot be confirmed, the Site shall not comply with the request for disclosure. In
the event that there is a mistake in the personal information and the person concerned requests correction, addition
and/or deletion, the Site shall investigate the issue and immediately comply with the requests.

Request and inquiry

With regard to the treatment of personal information by the Site, if you have any requests, inquiries, etc., as mentioned above, please contact us at:

  • ・[Contact] R-STORE Ltd.
  • ・Person in charge of management of personal information: Kei Asai (info@r-store.jp)
  • ・Tel: 03-6421-7593 (Mon. to Fri. 10:00–18:00)

Organization and system

The Site has chosen Kei Asai, the representative to the responsible person for management of personal information, and shall manage personal information properly and implement continuous improvement.

Amendment of the Policy

The contents of the Policy may be amended. The amended Policy comes into force as of the date on which the said Policy is posted on this site unless otherwise stipulated by the Site.